HR Training Academy

Human Resources is the Ultimate Resource. Developed & Developing Organizations value their HR behind their success. ASsK HR Training Academy, a world class Training Academy, starting from analyzing the issues in HR, Study, Designing Programmes, Training, Implementation, Results, Suggestion for improvements AND to say one word Just leave your HR issues to us, we make the transformation.

We have the faculty from IIMs, XLRI and TOP B-schools. Ready to take anything and everything in HR related activities. Our cost is just fraction of the benefits. Some of our HR related activities are

Conflict Management

Stress Management


Communication skills

Decision Making

Time Management

Goal setting

Anger Management

Interpersonal Relations



Problem solving

Dealing with difficult people

Building Teams

Customer Relationship Management

Change Management


Healthy Ageing


Success Science

Relationship Management

Emotional intelligence

Training – A Developmental tool